Winning at Casinos!

Winning at Casinos!
‘How do I win at a real Casino?’ This is probably the commonest question we hear at the Fun Casino Hire events.
If you are planning a trip to Vegas and fancying a ‘flutter’ at the tables or rather a win, then keep reading.
Rule number one – RECALIBRATE your expectations. “Winning Big” is the exception not the rule.
Rule number two – remember the HOUSE HAS THE EDGE. Translated into real-speak, the Casino Banker dictates the rules’, ‘Banker’ games always have a small but definite’ house edge’ advantage over players. So while you may win in the short term, if you play long enough the casino will possibly take your winnings.
Rule number three – Set yourself a LOSS LIMIT. This limit is your stake for the evening at the Casino – the cost for the evening’s entertainment, the equivalent to buying a ticket for a concert. Remember, playing in a casino is a form of entertainment.
Rule number four (I often think it should be Rule No 1) – AVOID ALCOHOL. It is free for a reason at gaming tables in Vegas. Alcohol can and will impair your judgement and decision making process if you consume enough of it. Often the free drinks in Vegas have been paid for multiple times when a drunken tourist starts making poor decisions with his money at the gaming table resulting in massive losses.
Rule number five – Learn some BASIC STRATEGY for playing BLACKJACK. It lowers the house edge and improves your chances of winning. There are plenty of online resources for the interested.
Rule number six – START LOW. If you are new to gaming, look for the low limit tables. It minimizes potential losses till you figure it out.
Rule number seven – DON’T CHASE LOSSES. Getting emotional and trying to recover losses by placing large bets only increases the risk of further losing. Be disciplined. I need to emphasize rule number three – remember your loss limit.
Rule number eight – Set yourself a WIN LIMIT. Define what would be success for you, based on your starting stake. I’ve seen players buy in for $100, run it up to $800, lose a hand, which then takes their chip stack down to $790. Instead of seeing themselves as being $690 up on their original stake, they get obsessed with a small 10 or 20$ loss and lose the entire win amount chasing the small loss. So, define your WIN LIMIT and leave the table once you reach it.
Rule number nine – Set a gaming TIME LIMIT for yourself. Remember, the house-edge starts to manifest, the longer you play. Vegas has other excitement to offer – experience it all!
Rule number ten – BE BRAVE. Don’t let the unfamiliar etiquettes and protocols of gaming and casinos intimidate you. Ask the dealers if you’re not sure. Don’t let the self-appointed critiques or ‘table captains’ disturb you. Remember, ‘experts’ would have made their money, and wouldn’t be sitting at the low limit tables. Your co-players are simply that – players trying to win, just like you. So ignore their frustrations, mutterings or even wise advice on how to play. Have fun.
Enjoy the experience. Once you have your win, loss and time limits in place, the evening can only be enjoyable.
Make your memories and remember Lady Luck is unpredictable.

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