Escape the Cold-the Top Five Caribbean Cruise Destinations

The Caribbean is arguably the number one cruise destination in the world. The tropical chain of islands offers sun and fun with enough variety to keep it interesting and exciting. The tropical location keeps the temperatures warm, while the ocean breezes make it comfortable. The exotic beaches, mixed with luxurious accommodations, make these truly island paradises.
The Caribbean encompasses over 7000 islands, islets, cays and reefs with an island chain that spans 2500 miles. These islands encircle the Caribbean Sea. The ownership of these islands was contested during colonial times and many of the territories changed hands several times before reaching their current status. Due to their location along the Western trade routes these islands have a rich history.
The top five Caribbean destinations will depend on the goals for your vacation. Most of the islands offer plenty of beaches for sun and relaxation. The tropical waters offer plenty of underwater enjoyment as well. Some of the islands offer lush tropical forests to explore or tall mountains to hike. The cost of entertainment on most of the islands is reasonable. The following are five of the most popular cruise destinations from last year.
1.When deciding to take a cruise to the Caribbean to escape the winter cold and blues, the most popular choice has to be a multi-destination cruise. A cruise that swings through several of the islands in a nice 7-day vacation can give you the best variety. You will get a taste of the different cultures and each stop will leave you wanting just a bit more, as any good vacation should. The time spent on the ship can be used for rest and rejuvenation between beach excursions that may include diving, submarine voyages, hiking, biking, or any number of other exotic adventures. The rich history and cultural diversity in the region makes each beach excursion a trip in itself.
2.Another very popular cruise destination in the Caribbean is Barbados. Barbados has a fairly constant 80-degree temperature. This island has lush vegetation and great, white sandy beaches. It has a good mix of historical sites and modern amenities. The people are very friendly and approach life with a laid back attitude. Plenty of duty free shopping abounds. Also, water sports, great resorts and a hopping nightlife make this a great destination for fun in the sun.
3.If nightlife excitement is what you are looking for, then Aruba would be a good stop. The story on the seas is that Aruba is the Caribbean’s version of Las Vegas. Its upscale casinos and luxury-packed resorts will satisfy even the most expensive tastes. The trade winds help cool things off on the island, as well. The dry, arid climate promises sunny days for enjoying the beaches. This island knows how to treat its tourists, which is why half of their gross national product is earned through tourism. Add to that a low crime rate and you have a great destination to relax and have some fun.
4.St. Lucia is another great destination in the Caribbean chain of islands. This is a good choice for sheer beauty. The approach to the island on the ship is breathtaking and the undisturbed nature on the island provides a glimpse at the past. Trails through the secluded coves and lush, green vegetation offer a relaxing opportunity to reconnect with nature. The beaches are carpeted with golden sand. Don’t be mistaken, however, the capital, Castries, is a lively place. There are plenty of shops and attractions to keep even the most urban traveler busy.
5.The Dominican Republic attracts many people for its beaches. It does have the highest mountain in the Caribbean, the 10,164 foot Pico Duarte, but it is the beaches and resorts that attract most of the visitors. The fairly constant tropical temperature, ranging from 78 to 88 degree Fahrenheit, is also a popular attraction. It is also a good destination for shorter cruises due to its close proximity to the U.S. It has a good selection of all-inclusive resorts in the southeast. History can be found in the buildings in the capital city, Santo Domingo. If kiteboarding and windsurfing is your thing, then the North-central area of Cabarete would be a great place to visit. Overall, if you are looking for sun and relaxation the Dominican Republic is a good stop.
Whether the goal for your vacation is just relaxing on the beach, or hiking through the hills and jungles, the Caribbean has a lot to offer. While a single destination cruise gives you the chance to fully explore an island, a multi-destination cruise will give you a taste of many different cultures. If you want to escape the gold and grey winter a cruise to the Caribbean is a great choice.

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