The Beauty of Casinos

Vegas.  Atlantic City. You name it. Casinos are very exciting. A night out at a casino rolling the dice, slapping the cards and winning money can be intoxicating and fun, and in some cases, quite lucrative.
Some people like slot machines. There is something quite relaxing and soothing about pulling down the lever and seeing the numbers rolling by. Old-school slot machines, where you actually insert coins are the best. The sound of the coins entering the slots is just grand.
Others prefer the tables. A good game of black jack while the alcohol is flowing can be enjoyed by all. Did you know that black-jack is the most widely played casino banking game in the world? And why is it so popular? Black jack has become popular over the years due to a sweet mix of chance, luck, skill and maybe a little card counting.
Movies such as Rain Man and 21, have forever mystified the art of counting cards. Card counters use specially acquired ratio calculations to beat the system. It is a widely believed myth that card counting is illegal in the United States. There have been cases where skilled players have taken casinos to court for “Banning skilled players from the tables” Ken Uston, a widely known card counter won such a case against a casino in ¬†Atlantic city. However card counting is not recommended, as casinos, may unofficially get someone to chase away card counters.
The great thing places like Vegas, is that they are loner towns. You don’t have to bring friends with to gamble with you. In Vegas you will be able make friends to gamble with any time of the night or day. These casinos are full of gamblers drinking, laughing and having a blast. Everybody is your friend in Vegas. You can walk up and down the strip making friends all along the way.
There is nothing more appealing then gambling with the big boys. If you spend a lot of money at a casino, they will take care of you. Casino bosses will take you into your own private room that is flowing with booze, money, cigars and hot ladies. Of course if you are a winner, the girls will be all over you, and if you are a looser, not so much.
The best thing by far about casinos, is that often the adjoining hotel will comp your accommodation and food, and even more often you will receive specials and coupons. What is better than a free bed for the night? If you get bored of gambling you can also go watch a show or two. Most casino’s offer world class entertainment. Think cancan girls or blue men, the options in a casino town are endless.
As a last point, it is imperative to point out that winners know when to stop. Never spend more money then you have. Decide on a limit and stick to it. Never spend your whole salary on a casino.

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