Popularity of Internet Bingo Growing

Throughout the global recession there was one industry that continues to thrive and expand; the internet bingo industry. In the UK the growth of the internet bingo industry has been spectacular and about 250 bingo websites now service the UK market. Internet bingo has expanded into Spain and Scandinavia and is poised to enter many other markets. Despite the ban on internet gambling in the United States thousands of US based players continue to play internet bingo unmolested. There are several factors that have supported the internet bingo industry through the global recession.
In the UK following the passage of a national smoking ban thousands of land based players made the switch to online bingo. One study showed that almost 63% of all bingo players are smokers and many of these players went online when the smoking ban went into effect. The recession itself may have actually helped the internet bingo industry. Because of the downturn in the economy many players sought inexpensive home based entertainment. Internet bingo cut many of the expenses associated with a trip to the local bingo club such as transportation costs, babysitting expenses and admission fees and refreshment expenses.
Most, if not all, internet bingo sites offer bingo bonuses of various kinds. The most common bingo bonus is the sign up bonus and some sites offer initial deposit bonuses of 500%! Bingo sites also offer substantial redeposit bonuses. There are many sites that offer free bingo for cash and free bingo has become very popular and is a great way for beginners to learn the online version of the game. The huge jackpots offered by internet bingo sites have attracted many. Most online bingo jackpots are much larger than those offered by land based bingo clubs. Internet bingo sites also have special games for unique prizes such as new cars, luxury vacations in exotic ports of call, jewelry and large cash prizes.
Recent software advances have allowed bingo sites to create a realistic atmosphere with amazing graphics and special effects. Internet bingo has become popular with younger tech savvy players. The rising popularity of social networking media has prompted bingo sites to add lively chat rooms allowing players to chat and interact with each other. In addition to bingo games most bingo websites offer slot games, table games and casino games. Roulette has become very popular with internet bingo players and several sites offer both American and European versions of roulette. Bingo now rivals online poker for the most popular online game and it’s easy to see why after visiting several internet bingo sites.

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