Making the Most of a Free Bingo Bonus

There are many reasons a person might choose to join a real money online bingo room. One of the most common attractants is the multitude of free bingo bonuses that most sites offer to their members. When you compare the biggest online bingo sites in the business, BingoLiner has one of the best offers around.
Players are met with loads of free bingo cash when they first register with the online gaming room. It starts with a $10 Bingoliner free bonus just for signing up, plus 200 free spins on the selection of online slots in the casino games menu.
A lot of online bingo rooms present no deposit bonuses to play free bingo games for real money, but the free slots spins aren’t so common. The fact is hard core bingo fans often play casino side games to pass the time while their bingo cards are playing out, so those 200 free spins can go a long way.
The $10 free bingo bonus you start with will last a maximum of ten full bingo games. Card prices start at $0.05 and $0.10, but there is a $1 minimum purchase per game. So even if you play the $0.05 games, you would need to buy 20 cards to play. That gives you about an hour of free play time to win some more bingo bucks. If you don’t win, continue playing your free slots spins or make a deposit.
When you complete your first deposit, you are given another exceptional BingoLiner free bonus that matches the deposited amount at 300%. Let’s say you drop $25 into your cash account at BingoLiner. You would get a $75 free bingo bonus, bringing your total bankroll to $100. Again, that kind of extra cash can go a very long way towards playing online bingo games.
As you continue your membership with BingoLiner, free bonus promos will keep rolling in with every deposit. The size of your free bingo bonus has everything to do with your VIP level. Your second deposit will be made at the Bronze VIP level, therefore granting an automatic 100% match to double the value. When you reach Silver VIP, the free bingo bonus drops to 50%, and then 75% as a Gold level VIP. However, it climbs back up to 100% for Platinum and Diamond VIP members.
You can avoid the lower BingoLiner free bonus percentages by making all of your deposits on a Saturday. If you deposit on this day, every free bingo bonus becomes a 100% match regardless of your status (unless it’s your first deposit, in which case you will get the lucrative 300% bonus).
It should be noted that BingoLiner is a 75 Ball Bingo site. If you’re looking for a wide variety of bingo games, or prefer to play the European version of 90 Ball Bingo, this might not be the right bingo room for you. But when you think about all of the ways to collect on a BingoLiner free bonus, it just may be enough to sway you towards the excitement of 75 Ball Bingo.

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