Learn How to Play Slotris Slot Machine on Slotland

All the gaming fans know of  Tetris.  Tetris was one of the most popular video games to have come out. Now Tetris is offered as an online slot machine game; Slotris.
Slotris is becoming more popular with the casino crowds due to the fact that it is actually like playing two games in one place. You have the video game resemblance along with the prospect of winning money. Slotris is tied to progressive jackpots as well.
How is Slotris Played?
Slotris has three reels that use multi-colored cubes just as in the Tetris game. The squares fall into place on the grid of the bonus game puzzle. The three reel Slotris game offers a singled pay line with each spinning symbol. The object of the game is to match three colored cubes to win a money amount.
The second part of the game is that with each spin, there is a bonus game puzzle. Each spin a symbol will fall onto the grid; this allows each spin to accumulate and build the blocks into place. Each block that falls into place increases the player’s chances of multiplying the players bets and maximizes winnings. Winnings can be increased up to 30 times what you bet on the pay line.
Slotris Extras
This  Tetris like online slot machine offers a few extra little perks when played. Slotris is automatically tied to progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots are among the most popular type of online slot machine to be played simply for the amount of money that can be won. Progressive jackpots at times can net a player a substantial amount of cash due to many players contributing to the same jackpot. Clearing 10 horizontal lines with a maximum bet on  the tenth line will actually increase your chances of winning the progressive jackpot.
Slotris Betting Options
Slotris players can select denominations anywhere from $.50-$5.00. $5.00 is the maximum bet you can place per spin.
Slotris Tips
Before you ever start to play Slotris, you should read the pay table and the instructions for playing. Keep in mind that you can select what symbols that you want to drop on each spin. You must remember that you need to use caution before clearing out any lines before your symbols reach the Slotris area.
Each symbol from the current spin are kept displayed in the preview section of the game. You can actually change the way the symbols will fall, by clicking on the main payline. You want to create a solid horizontal line in the bonus game. Switching the symbols around will help clear a line and maximize your chances of winning.
The main object of the Slotris game is to clear as many lines as possible before the game resets or ends. Slotris is played so much like the game  Tetris, it is easy to understand and easier to win. This is what makes it so popular!
Slotland is one of the best online casinos to offer Slotris to its many players. Slotris is just one of the games that are offered as a no download game.

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