Discount Cruises to Alaska

If you’ve been pining to visit North America’s last great frontier but fear such an ambitious trip is just out of your price range, take heart, get out your parka and read on about some fantastic discount cruises to Alaska!

The Basics

Nearly all available Alaskan cruises last seven days and depart mostly from Seattle, Washington or Vancouver, British Columbia and head north, skirting along the Canadian west coast, making several stops at

Alaskan port towns, including Juneau, Skagway and Seward along the way.


Accommodations aboard most seven-day Alaskan cruises range from as low as $600 and as high as $3000. The least expensive cabins will invariably be located lower on the ship and closer to the center; therefore they usually lack windows and the more spacious floor plans of higher end rooms. Upgraded rooms and suites with large windows and even balconies can be well worth the extra cost, however, offering guests a one-of-a-kind view of the pristine Alaskan coastline and wildlife from the privacy and comfort of their own cabin.

Activities on Board

Though Alaskan cruise ships venture into cooler territory, they offer the same lavish amenities of their tropical sea faring counterparts, plus museumbola some unique treats of their own. You’ll find no end of things to do on your voyage, from playing the tables at the Las Vegas style casino, mingling at the deck parties, scheduled daily, or catching a full scale musical. For those passengers searching for true relaxation, consider getting a facial or massage at the full service spa or maybe indulging in the unique thalassotherapy, a technique that uses sea water to rejuvenate the skin.
Families will find that Alaskan cruises are well suited to their needs as well. All ships offer daycare and babysitting services and many feature detailed programs tailored specifically for kids. When enrolled in these programs, which are often similar to camp, kids are broken into age-specific groups and usually get their very own section of the ship to play in safety and without mom and dad getting in the way.

Wildlife Viewing

One of the most unique and alluring advantages of an Alaskan cruise is its proximity to virgin arctic forests and the teeming wildlife that naturally resides there. It’s not uncommon to spot grizzly bears, bald eagles, moose or majestic breaching humpback whales from the deck. When the animals don’t catch your eye, however, the awe-inspiring and unspoiled landscape will. You’ll marvel at dense coniferous rainforests, glaciers slipping slowly into the sea and maybe a stray remnant ice berg or two from the luxurious, safe and relaxed atmosphere of your ship.

Tour the Glaciers

Alaskan cruises that make a stop in Juneau offer the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour a glacier both from the air and on foot. These excursions feature a guided helicopter ride through canyons and mountains populated by glaciers and the fantastic rock formations they formed. You’ll be invited to come along on a three hour hike across an actual active glacier, witnessing one of the most powerful geologic forces on earth first hand. Don’t worry if you forgot your helmet and ice axe in your cabin — expert guides will outfit you with everything you’ll need.


For those Juneau visitors who prefer to skip the glacier, a guided dogsledding excursion awaits. After a helicopter whisks you to an inland dog mushing camp, you’ll learn how to control your own pack of dogs and experience one of the world’s rarer forms of travel for yourself.


It’s true. Snorkeling may be an activity that tends to be associated with tropical cruises, but passengers visiting the port of Ketchikan will have the opportunity to pull on a wet suit and explore the colorful and abundant sea life that thrives on Southeast Alaska’s shores.

Culinary Tours

Another special feature that Alaska’s rich coast offers is some very out-of-the-ordinary and hands-on culinary tours. One tour in Juneau invites guests to dine creekside in the middle of an arboreal rainforest where you can watch your freshly hooked salmon steam over an open fire while you try not to spoil your appetite by saving the marshmallow roasting for dessert.

Other dining opportunities include tours where you can test your hand at commercial crabbing and help pull up some crab traps before you chow down on the very morsels you helped catch. Of course, if you don’t feel like getting your hands a little dirty, you can also take advantage of some of the world’s freshest and tastiest seafood in comfort at many fine dining restaurants and culinary tours.

Offering a bit of something for everyone: luxury, fun, spectacular vistas and one-of-a-kind experiences, discount Alaskan cruises let you decide on the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure for you. For your next vacation, consider heading north rather than south.

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