Blackjack – Part of the Gambling Boom

Casino gambling has a very interesting history. From the beginning, the casinos were established as a form of recreation and a way to earn money from what people were willing to bet.
Throughout the years they developed a more efficient dealer system and provided new services to customers. In present, most of casinos are placed near or combined with hotels, restaurants, art galleries, shopping centers, etc. in order to have all services you wish in one single place and spend more time having fun.
As a result, the money used on gambling was constantly increasing and casinos were crowded with players.
But this is not as easy as it seems. For example, around 1910, Nevada, a well known gaming venue, was confronting with so many complaints because of gambling addiction that the promoters of casinos had to put an end to their businesses even though they brought prosperity on the communities that surround these establishments.
The gambling activities started again in 1930 but not with the same glamour. The businesses were moving slowly now. One reason is Great Depression, a negative economic period with large effects in all aspects of life. Another way of keeping people away from casinos was the negative public attitude through the gambling because of Mafia that was placing in doubt the credibility of the gambling system, leading the casinos almost to bankruptcy.
Now gambling is rampant. Why? What was happening all of a sudden? In 1962, Edward Oakley Thorp, a scholar and also a player, wrote Beat the Dealer, the first book to prove mathematically that Blackjack could be beaten by card counting. His strategies, focused on Blackjack game, can still be employed with great efficiency today.
Due to his revolutionary book people swarmed again in casinos and were generating profitable revenues. Instead of humble beginnings, it seems that casinos are here to stay. Just think about Las Vegas, Nevada and the significant economic growth of these areas.
A multitude of literature resources can be found regarding the force of gambling and its impact. Some extol its positive virtues, others blame its addiction.
Anyway, casino gambling is about winning. And one of the most winnable games is Blackjack. That’s why it is a very popular game in every casino.
Blackjack is a good choice for beginners, for very rich people and less rich people who are addicted to gambling or attempted to raise money. With a proven blackjack strategy everyone can win constantly and go home with a smile on their face.

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