3D Online Poker

Poker, a game that has for decades been addictive for men and women all over the world is coming back in a new format. Welcome to the world of 3D online poker. Although poker is supposed to have had its beginning in France or Germany or perhaps in India it is widely played all over the world. It became very popular during the days of the Mississippi RIVER BOATS in the 1800?s. From there it spread the world over leading to the creation of a worldwide industry comprising of card houses, clubs, and the worlds largest casinos.
However in these modern times people hardly find time for their family let alone sitting down with friends for a hand of poker. This gave rise to the idea of online poker. With the increasing use of the internet worldwide people could now chat with each other in spite of being thousands of miles apart. Entrepreneurs in the gaming industry decided to take advantage of this fact to create an entirely new experience of playing poker – what we now know as online poker.
Online poker allows users to play their favorite game from any part of the world, at any time, with friends or enthusiasts from all over the world using computers laptops or even mobile devices. It is offered by a number of gaming sites, which can be easily accessed. These online poker sites have a standard set of rules regarding game play and incorporate latest safety features to ensure there is no money laundering or cheating. However, a lot of people complain that online poker makes the game impersonal leading to a loss of excitement in the game.
The answer to this is 3Donlinepoker. This type of online poker has only been recently launched by PKR (dot) com and it promises a whole new experience in online poker. In this type of poker players can participate as virtual players and play the game as if they were themselves present on the table for real. 3Donlinepoker offers new software which allows you to change the profile of your virtual player and comes with high resolution 3D graphics. Thus it promises to return personality and excitement to the game.
The 3Donlinepoker gaming sites are governed by the usual strict rules and regulations to ensure fairness. For this purpose they are certified by official gambling control commissions and have to submit to regular checks by authorities. It offers all the usual poker games like HOLD?EM with limit, no limit and pot limit. They also host regular tournaments and free rolls allowing users to win exciting prizes.
The best part about 3Donlinepoker is the virtual player. It allows you to express emotions as never before while playing the game. You can also observe the other players emotions and actions just as in real life. As most ardent fans of the game know this is the most exciting part of the game ?the poker tell?. You can also change your player profile with the available software. In order to create your virtual profile you need to send two photographs of yourself and the software creates your virtual image. The site also allows you to see opponents on the table in first person mode thus making it an almost real playing experience.
3Donlinepoker has almost erased the difference between the real and virtual world making it possible for thousands to enjoy the game despite their hectic lifestyles. Gone are the days when poker was only played at fashionable clubs and casinos by the rich and the famous. Now poker is freely played on the internet giving it global popularity and acceptance. In the future we can expect online poker to go to new levels with the addition of customizable backgrounds to the 3D interface coupled with 3D audio, light effects etc. to give an almost true and personal experience to the user at a place of his choice.
So the next time you want to play with your friends who are sitting hundreds of miles away or want to enjoy the excitement of playing in a casino in  Las Vegas or a club in Macau or simply a poker game at home, you know where to go. 3Donlinepoker.

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