10 Methods to Heat up your Foreplay

Learn and share the methods of spicing up your sexual activities. True enough heat creates fire, and if there is fire, intimacy and passion flares up causing a hot, steamy lovemaking.
• Less talk, more Kiss
Never underestimate the power of a kiss; it’s where it all started anyway. Some couples just forgot how the intimacy works; kissing is one way of getting more intimate and passionate. Start with a soft, light kiss on the upper lip, then feel the tension heats up and there will be groping and kissing all over the place. Don’t talk while you’re kissing. Kiss the lips, going to the ears and down to the neck – and who knows where else to go down to.
• The art of Undressing
Show some sneak peak of your body by undressing some parts of your body then let your partner do it for you. Remember to take it slow. Undressing fast takes away all the excitement.
• Filthy Talks
Let’s face it, talking dirty turns us ON. Most of the guys gets turned on by what they see and most women by what they hear and feel. Still dirty talks spices up the process of lovemaking.
• Massage your way to the Big-O
Start with a simple massage on the hand or the back. Let your imagination flow, try massaging your partner using your tongue or any part of your body. Rub your body against your partner and see what happens!
• Dance together
It takes two people to do this, even if you are totally aroused but your partner isn’t then all these foreplay isn’t going anywhere. Women usually don’t like to be just groped and start doing the thing. What woman wants is too cuddle and kiss and eventually leads to steamy SEX.
• Always think it’s the First time
This for sure will always give you an experience you never had. Thinking you’ll be doing it for the first time always excites you enough to give you an orgasm.
• Places you’ve never tried
Try new locations you haven’t had sex before. Like around the house – kitchen, garage, or even in your front lawn. Fill up your fantasies; some may want to try doing it in an elevator, in a car, public place or on the sandy beach. I once tried jumping naked on the beach of Bahamas, and my partner taught it was really sexy and jumped in with me. We had a really HOT sex.
• Try something new
Don’t be afraid to try something new. Experiment with your partner, if you feel like trying out different positions or different styles, GO AHEAD! Make use of food, scents or toys that can make you go oooohhh and aahhh.
• Take it slow
Don’t jump in to a quick sex after a little kiss. Take your time, breath deeply, say positive stuffs to each other, and remember to satisfy your partner and not just satisfying yourself.
• Watch and Play
Like what I said earlier, visual stimulation do help a lot mostly in men. There’s nothing wrong with watching some erotic movies once in a while. Try the things you see and watch. It will help a lot!

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