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Do you like Caribbean Stud Poker? I sure do. For me, it’s exciting and relaxing at the same time. I wanted to write an article for those who are new to the game or thinking about playing. One of the keys of winning at any casino game is to know the odds and tips. In Caribbean Stud Poker, players have one main decision to make. Will my hand beat the dealer’s hand? Sure, you could join a government program and try to improve your physic ability, but I rather play by the probabilities.
Hand Probability
It can really help your game if you know how often certain hands come up. Sure, anything can happen at the card table, but the following list will give you more of an advantage than if you didn’t know any of the hand probabilities. I have rounded the numbers so we don’t need to be mathematicians to understand the data.
A hand with nothing – once every 2 hands
One Pair – once every 2 hands
Two Pair – once every 21 hands
Three of a Kind – once every 47 hands
Straight – once every 256 hands
Flush – once every 526 hands
Full House – once every 694 hands
Four of a Kind – once every 4,167 hands
Straight Flush – once every 72,202 hands
Royal Flush – once every 649,351 hands
Looking at the data, we can easily see that our hands, and the dealer’s hands, will likely be one pair or nothing at all. If you hand has nothing at all, you are playing according to the highest card. If that card is not so high, it’s best to fold right away. Should your hand be at least one pair, you really have to play. The downside of the data is that the dealer is going to have a lot of non-qualifying hands, which means those nice hands will largely only get paid a flat ante fee.
Quick Caribbean Stud Tips
Tip One:
If you have at least two pairs, you must stay in. Just look at the data above. You have an excellent shot at beating the dealer. Personally, I stay in with one pair or better. It’s hard to fold that one pair when you know the dealer has a good chance of having nothing.
Tip Two:
Don’t play that progressive jackpot. I know it’s so alluring, but it will suck you dry in the end. When you finally hit something, you will have most likely put in many times the amount you won into the progressive already. Just don’t do it. If you only get a flush every 526 hands, you will be paying $526 to win $50 or $100. Not too smart.
I hope these Caribbean Stud Poker tips, and pieces of information help your game. If you are an online player, shop around. Not every game is the same. If you just can’t resist the progressive, you will be glad that you looked around for the best deal.

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