A Guide to Wagering Requirements for Casino Bonuses

The internet has become a vehicle for users that take advantage of systems meant to benefit all users, and an ugly undertone of exploitation runs through it, permeating every facet, every feature, and ruining many wonderful aspects of the online gaming experience.
The internet casino world is not exempt from this bane and so must take every precaution when it comes to money and the issuing of the casino bonus.
The casino bonus is a feature offered by every online casino, and acts as incentive to any potential clientele who may join the site and take part in its various offerings and gaming attractions.
Designed as reward for either signing up, becoming a loyalty client, or referring the site to friend and in turn getting them to sign up and take part, bonuses are a predetermined amount of money that gets automatically assigned to a player’s account, once they meet certain fixed requirements.
These requirements are in place to make sure a player does not simply sign-up, wait for the bonus to be credited, and leave, without ever playing or contributing to the games available on the site. It is the fear of this blatant disrespect to the online gaming institution that has made the process of claiming a bonus all the more long-winded, and has resulted in the implementation of bonus wagering, as a necessity to curb this exploitation.
Bonus wagers, by definition, are simply the amounts of money that you have to wager on a given casino game, in order to ‘clear’ the bonus that should be granted to you as incentive by the casino. This amount will depend on firstly, the casino, and secondly, the type of bonus, either a sign-up, loyalty or referral bonus.
To claim your bonus, all you need do is simply put that specific amount in to play. The amount that you will have to put in to play is stated in the casino’s terms and conditions which should be readily available on the site.
How it Works
The casino with which you decide to play, should have clearly stipulated wagering requirements. These requirements will be listed depending on the bonus, and will most often be listed in multiples of ten which must be added to the bonus amount.
For example, if the bonus is $ 100 and the wagering requirement is x10, in order for you to receive your bonus, you will have to play $ 1000. This amount does not have to be betted at once and is not restricted to certain games but to be able to claim your bonus, you need to make R 1000 worth of bets.
There are, however, certain restrictions to certain games that come in to effect when betting pre-determined amounts. Certain casinos require that for games such as poker and blackjack, there are additional restrictions to claiming bonuses, because of the nature of the game and its high roller stakes. On top of the 10x wagering requirement some of the more popular table games add percentages to the existing wager. An example may be that a casino will take the offered bonus with the 10x requirement plus an additional 10% for certain games like poker, for example. This means that you need to bet $ 1000 to receive your bonus but your bets will only count 10% so you may need to multiply that by another ten, $ 10000, before your bonus is granted. This is only required for some games and mostly ones that call for particularly high bets. Again, the casino should have comprehensive details on all its gaming and wager requirement structures. Once the amount has been wagered (and played) no matter the outcome, no matter whether you win or lose, your bonus will be credited to your account.
The integrity of the Casino Bonus is guarded and most online casinos will put into place very specific wagering requirements that are to be fulfilled. However, if the game is played fairly, and legitimately, a bonus may go a long way to improving your overall gaming experience. No one can deny the pleasure of reward, no matter the circumstance or from where it comes.

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